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All Fun & Games (Until John Finds Out)

John returns from a hunt to find that the once quiet town has turned to hell in a handbasket. He goes to try and keep order while Sam (13) and Dean (17) hold down the fort.
Fandom: Jumanji. | Rating: G. | Status: Complete | WC: 1,116.
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All Work and No Sleep Makes Sam...

With less than a week to go, Sam's running on empty for a solution to Dean's deal. What he gets wasn't what he was hoping for. Wings!fic.
Fandom: None. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Complete | WC: 1,526.
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Ben is so much like Dean you can't deny they're related. In fact, you could say it's in his genes.
Fandom: Dark Angel. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Scrapped, to be re-written. | WC: 3,208.

Lay Down Dead | You Can't Hide

Companion Piece: Just When She Thought She'd Never See His Face Again
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Cordelia Winchester

What if Cordy and Xander's conversation in The Prom had gone a little differently?
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Abandoned | WC: 1,226.
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CW Wars

When the shows of the CW decide to stretch out and accumulate audiences from neighbouring shows, it can only end one way: War. A series of adverts the CW didn't air, but should've.
Fandoms: Fray, Smallville, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, America's Next Top Model, Angel, Firefly, Heroes, Toy Story, Transformers, Moonlight, Dark Angel, Idol, Reaper, Psych, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Twilight, Labyrinth, WWE, Monty Python & the Holy Grail, The Addam's Family, Dogma, Leverage, Chuck, My Bloody Valentine, Friday 13th, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Complete | WC: 14,672.
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Golden Retrievers and Boy Scouts

Sam and Dean decide to hunt down Bigfoot. Things don't work out like they'd thought.
Fandom: Up. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Complete | WC: 4,072.
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Little Did She Know

Karen Eiffel thinks its safe to return to writing death stories. Little did she know...
Fandom: Stranger Than Fiction. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Complete | WC: 1,199.
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Monster in the Closet

"When I told Dad I was afraid of the thing in the closet, he gave me a .45." - Sam Winchester, Pilot.
Fandom: Monster, Inc. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Complete | WC: 1,320.
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That Story, or: Ten Reasons Why Priestly Doesn't Like Chicago

"I'm not this Dean Winchester guy. My name's Priestly. Always has been, always will be. I've lived here my whole life, and never set foot in Missouri. Or Milwaukee. I went to Chicago once, but there's no power on Earth that can make me tell you that story."

Note: Set in the same 'verse as Why Wasn't I Notified? and What Was and What Would Have Been.
Fandom: Ten Inch Hero. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Complete | WC: 20,880.

1. The Little Old Lady | 2. The Weather | 3. The Computer Genius | 4. The Bars | 5. The Crazed Psycho | 6. The Women | 7. The Tripper | 8. The Lost Boy | 9. The Skateboard | 10. The Little Old Lady (Again) | 11. Epilogue

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Ever wonder why the boys seem to hunt on a Thursday?
Fandom: Various Jensen Ackles. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Complete | WC: 638.
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Twenty Years Apart

Sam's last-ditch attempt to save Dean didn't work as well as he'd planned.
Fandom: Harry Potter. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Incomplete | WC: 12,930.

Prologue | Over the Rainbow | Lost and Found | Through the Looking Glass | Twenty Years Too Late | Out of One's Element

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Welcome to the Dollhouse

Lilith sends Dean to a different kind of Hell, one closer to home.
Fandom: Dollhouse. | Rating: M. | Status: Incomplete | WC: 3,426.

Prologue | Remember, Remember...

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The Stages of Grief

Sam had someone to help him through the loss of Dean, some who too had just lost a brother - Dean Winchester.
Fandom: Stargate SG-1. | Rating: M. | Status: Complete | WC: 37,899.

Stage I - Denial and/or Isolation | Stage I/A - Leaving the Second Reality for a Third | Stage I/B - Realising You Can’t Run Far Enough | Stage II - Anger | Stage II/A - When You Can’t Hold It In Any Longer | Stage II/B - Taking a Breath | Stage III - Bargaining | Stage III/A - Assessing Your Position | Stage III/B - Bringing a New Player to the Table | Stage III/C - Bluffing | Stage IV - Depression | Stage IV/A - Crash | Stage IV/B - Rock Bottom | Stage IV/C - A Swirl of Confusion | Stage V - Acceptance | Stage V/A - Reacting/Resolve | Stage V/B - The Last Goodbye | Stage V/C - Moving On (Epilogue)

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Why Wasn't I Notified?

It seems Priestly isn't the only one who doesn't know what the Hell's going on.
Fandom: Ten Inch Hero. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Complete | WC: 10,908.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | Epilogue


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I Think, Therefore I Am

Professor Minerva McGonagall was quite right in her description of what had occurred in the office of the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, and her statement of what she saw was an entirely accurate summation of events. What she didn't see was what happened after. Something involving a dementor, a woman, a watch and a promise.

Note: Crosses over with Twenty Years Apart.
Fandom: Harry Potter, Doctor Who. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Incomplete | WC: 6,436

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Memories of the Future

Their lives were set. Everything was in place. They were happy. Perhaps not perfectly so, but were that the case then they just might have figured it out a little sooner. The lie of it all.
Fandom: Castle, Firefly, Suits, Warehouse 13. | Rating: PG-13. | Status: Incomplete | WC: 6,262.

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